A lovely little 22yo lady in a little brick house on the Oklahoma-Texas line, happily afianced, enjoying the finer things in life her sex appeal can buy her.

The unhappily married 28yo brother of Fluff's fiance, dishing out finally what has been thrown at him

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An introduction would be nice, right?

Wrong. It would be polite. Nice is not always polite and vice versa. Therefore, to be polite, let me introduce myself:

I am everything men fantasize in a woman, everything a woman envies in another, everything parents want in a child, and everything employers need in an employee. As such, I am everything your boyfriend wants and craves, everything your girlfriend will never be, everything your parents could not find in you, and everything your boss wished you were.

Then again, I'm only Fluff--a puff of air, a whisper on the wind, a gentle almost-there caress of your lover. I am the stuff cotton candy is made of, the main ingrediant in marshamallows, the stuff that makes stuffing so soft.

I am also so much more.

And Foof is where Fluff lives. For the moment. I have, aparently, offended many in my four years of blogging and am now starting over.

Posted at 11/8/2005 2:07:59 pm by Fluff

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