A lovely little 22yo lady in a little brick house on the Oklahoma-Texas line, happily afianced, enjoying the finer things in life her sex appeal can buy her.

The unhappily married 28yo brother of Fluff's fiance, dishing out finally what has been thrown at him

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I am affianced. (Thank you, in advance, for all the congratulations)

Yet I still enjoy my married coworker's rigidity at lunch time. Nothing that could get a Fluff in trouble, nothing that could create a little Fluff, just a small snack.

And small is the word to use.

Before the proposal, I looked upon this as just a time to practice and learn from someone older and wiser; a chance to improve for Fluff's Mister. Is not it funny how things evolve from where they begin?

Said coworker is twice and a half my age. Quite older and wiser, no? He has four children, his second youngest my age. My technique was far less as severely in need of improvement than I originally believed; that was quite an ego boost to learn!

Fluff can learn a whole lot; a Fluff's brain is Fluff! So aside from learning I am not as terrible as I once believed, this Fluff learned how to behave, listen, obey, and to basically learn the ways of male rigidity, how it reacts to certain stimuli, and how one technique alone could do render a man vulnerable to anything.

However, that is where the trouble begins. You see, Fluff feels guilt by the tons. Guilt leads Fluff to eat Foof foods, which in turn makes Fluff poofy. This Fluff guilt comes not from hiding what she is doing, but from the knowledge that it is so easy to do!

I must admit this Fluff has NOT, I repeat HAS NOT, done anything since her engagement, though the opportunity still exists. Fluff simply feels guilt over how easy it could be to pull something as devious as this off. And, this being a conFLUFFsional, I would like to get that off my well endowed chest.

Posted at 11/9/2005 1:16:33 am by Fluff

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