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The unhappily married 28yo brother of Fluff's fiance, dishing out finally what has been thrown at him

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FLUFF's STIFF-Style Birthday BBQ
Fluff has a fiance. This is known information. Her fiance recently had a birthday, making him yet another year older than Fluff. Saturday's party was a nice little get-together, a family affair. Lunch on the patio (and screened-in porch) of his parent's small home, his close relatives in attendance.

His brother, foof's dear Stiff, was in attendance. Quite drunk.

Stiff is a nice looking young man, good tempered--and usually well mannered. Out of the case of 36 he brought, I would say all but three or four went down his throat. In less than three hours. When he gets the mind to, Stiff sucks down beer like it was water.

Lunch on the patio often includes small card games of Michigan Rummy on the wicker table nearest the house door inside the porch while the meat is on the grill. Stiff pulled a few guys (the fatherly cook included) off to the other side of the covered deck for some Texas Hold'em. The only thing terrible with this was the cook, Fluff's future father-in-law, stopped paying attention to the food.

Our grill turned into a blazing bonfire.

Some fat from a steak dripped down on the coals (tastier and better than gas) and the coal ignited, catching the surrounding coals alight, which burst the meat into flames as well.

Stiff did not worry or try to put out the flames until he realized his last unopened beer was on the rack on the side of the grill.

Posted at 11/20/2005 8:57:00 am by Fluff

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