A lovely little 22yo lady in a little brick house on the Oklahoma-Texas line, happily afianced, enjoying the finer things in life her sex appeal can buy her.

The unhappily married 28yo brother of Fluff's fiance, dishing out finally what has been thrown at him

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Fluff said I had to be polite and introduce myself.  So I am, but only because I like Fluff.

My name is Sitff, I am the anti-Fluff.  Let me explain.
I'm a guy, she isn't.  (Like that was hard to figure out)
She's much nicer than I am.  Prettier as well.
Fluff is fun, and exciting.  I am more set in my ways, stiff if you will.
Fluff is not yet married, I am.

I am the guy that every parent wanted their daughter to marry.  Sensible, hard working, goal driven.  I decided on "The One" for me and got married, many many years ago.  We have kids, a house, good jobs, the American dream right?  Wrong.

You won't read sexy or racy stories from me, well at least not like Fluff writes.  They'll be more like guys in the locker room stories.  I also expect you'll hear the decidely negative side of my life, more often than not.

Of course Foof belongs to Fluff and not Stiff, so she may kick me out at some point.  Hopefully not soon, becuase I like watching Fluff.

Now that I've been polite I'll go, for now.

Posted at 11/14/2005 5:55:44 am by Stiff

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